Friday, April 15, 2011

"We called each other to coordinate..."

Friday's game:
The Washingtons vs. The New Yorks (Madison Squares)
Boudreau's tie vs. Tortorella's tie

You know the days you go to work and everyone has on a pink shirt? How does that happen? I always joke that "I called and coordinated with Amy last night!" So, is that what happened tonight? Do you think John Tortorella called Bruce to coordinate their matching shirts and ties? Or did both coaches think, "I'll wear something intimidating and bold, a purple tie on purple shirt should be menacing and threatening. And there's no way the other coach would wear this!"

As you know, Mrs. OC loves purple, so this is a difficult pick for me.

John Tortorella has similar sloppily tied tie issues Bruce normally has, there is a button showing on this shirt because his tie is crooked. If Tortorella had worn this tie and shirt combination Wednesday night he would have won, hands down, but tonight...

Bruce looks savvy. His paisley-floral mash-up monochromatic purple tie perfectly matches his shirt. The pattern is innovative and nimble and I really like it.

P.S. Tortorella, button your coat!

Winner: Bruce

Bruce's playoff record: 2-0

Bruce's overall record: 9-2

1 comment:

  1. Question 1: Is any game in which Bruce shows up without wing sauce on his tie an automatic victory?

    Question 2: If a series goes to game 7, will Bruce automatically lose the matchup to keep with the spirit of recent Caps history?

    In all seriousness, I like the blog. I suggest having a "tie of the year" award when the season is over.